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Justin Timberlake dating Jessica Biel
Dating Since: 01-09-2007
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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have managed to keep a relatively low profile so far throughout their relationship. The pair began dating in 2007 following JT’s split with Cameron Diaz. They’ve been dating for two years now and were recently spotted in February moving into a new Manhattan apartment. This is the first time the couple have lived together and the $2.9 million duplex seems like a great place to start their life together!

Not only have Justin and Jessica moved in together, but rumours are flying that Justin is planning to propose. The devastatingly handsome duo was spotted recently shopping for diamonds in New York. Sources say that the pair is planning to wed in Italy this summer having attending friend’s nuptials there and falling in love with the landscape.

Throughout their relationship, the media has rarely been rife with stories of public spats and arguments, the past two years seems to have been fairly smooth sailing for Justin and Jess. Sources say the have their little fights, just like any other couple, with the most recent being over refrigerator space. If that’s all they’re fighting about then I think we can safely say these two don’t have much to worry about. A wedding this summer though? Watch this space.