Aaron & Nick Carter Mourn Loss of Sister
Gossip Date: 01-02-2012

Taking time off to be with his family while he mourns the loss of his sister, Aaron Carter is taking a temporary leave from his current Broadway gig, “The Fantasticks.”

The “Ella Enchanted” actor’s 25-year-old sister, Leslie Carter, passed away of unknown causes at this time in upstate New York and blindsided the entire Carter family.

"Aaron is taking a few days off from the show. His Fantasticks family loves him and offers him support and prayers during this difficult time," John Capo, the spokesperson for the production, told E! News.

Meanwhile, brother Nick has already made up his mind to dedicate his tour in honor of Leslie. He said, "Performing is cathartic to me and I am dedicating the rest of my tour to my sister since she loved to watch me perform."

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