George Clooney Eyes Transition from Acting to Directing
Gossip Date: 06-02-2012

He's up for multiple Academy Award trophies in just three short weeks and, as part of his press efforts, George Clooney took time to talk with Easy Living for their March 2012 issue.

Among the topics on conversation, the 50-year-old Hollywood heartthrob spoke about playing a father in "The Descendants," offered up his take on his secret to success and opined on whether he plans on retiring from acting anytime in the near future.

Highlights from Clooney's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to check out Easy Living!

On whether playing a father in "The Descendants" was difficult due to the fact that he has no children:
"I don't think it mattered – you don't have to shoot heroin to play a heroin addict. The nice thing about playing a father on screen is that you get to give the children back at the end of the day!"

On the secret to his success:
"I was in some pretty crappy TV shows when I was younger. It was only after I did 'ER' that I was finally able to get a film role. I've learned success is more to do with luck than anything else."

On whether he will ever retire from acting:
"Now I'm 50, there are fewer roles to play so hopefully I'll direct more. I want to make films that people remember."

On the best advice he's ever been given:
"My father told me never to mix grape with grain and he was right!"

On whether he thinks he'll ever win a best director Oscar:
"That's a harsh question! I have won an Academy Award [in 2006, for best supporting actor in Syriana], so when I die, I can have George Clooney, Oscar winner on my headstone. I just really want people to appreciate the work, it's not about awards."

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