Love in the Twenty First Century
Gossip Date: 30-12-2010
Author: Helga Sonier

The big celebrity stories this week are the Hugh Hefner engagement and the Elton John surrogate birth news. While the latter is very nice news for the couple, that it is newsworthy begs the question – Is this headline news because the couple are gay, in which case - is this a controversial birth/adoption? If not, why is it news? Well, the fact is that it is controversial. Last year Elton was refused permission to adopt because of his age and the fact that he wasn’t/isn’t, never will be, in a heterosexual relationship.

While his sexual preference shouldn’t be an issue in our enlightened times the age thing is important. It shouldn’t necessarily rule people out of adoption but the question of whether a parent will be around for the child growing up is relevant. That said, the child they wanted to adopt initially had HIV and the law probably didn’t do him any favours denying him these loving parents. In the end Elton and his partner, David Furnish, went the surrogate route to conception and are now the proud parents of a little boy born Christmas Eve.

The former is just creepy, the Hefner engagement that is! I don’t care who you are you can’t be looking at the marriage of Hugh Hefner to wife number 3, who is 60 years younger than Heph, and be thinking how lovely. Even the manliest pigs I know (men that would be proud to be called manly and pig) who would normally be regaling Hugh for yet another blonde conquest are goin - eh? Both Heph’s lack of dignity and her lack of discretion (what she is willing to do publicly for fame and or money) are cringe inducing.

So this week we enter the New Year with more questions than answers. Like, at 84 can Hugh still consummate the marriage? Doubt it. Let’s pretend this marriage is for love for just one minute before we move on, she is 24 years old and he is 84 years old. Hugh has already beaten the average male life expectancy by 9 years, and he will without doubt; die in the next 20 years, absolute maximum. He will very likely be incapacitated for the last 15 of those in the unlikely event that he makes it that long. So the last question for the betrothed is this, how selfish do you have to be to marry a person who will be 25 to 40 years old when you are sure to die of old age? No I am not being cynical, just real, because there is a whole circle of life thing that works because it allows people to be there when you need them. Assuming you want them there of course, it may well be that she is thinking the older the better.

On a brighter note, it seems everyone in Hollywood is getting engaged this month, so 2011 will be filled with the weddings of the stars and we so love those glamorous weddings!


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